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James Humecky, a Somatic Educator who, through four foundations for self-mastery, movement, breath, touch, and mindfulness, facilitates your awareness and interpretation of your body language and learn to reprogram your old psychosomatic patterns.

He is a dynamic, hands-on therapeutic bodyworker, teacher and former Marine who has created a unique approach to the cultivation of powerful, body-centered self-awareness.

This work is informed by over 20 years of traveling, studying, and teaching, in the US and abroad. Working and living in places like Nicaragua, Colombia and Palestine has given him the skills, methods and experience to teach vital self-care and recovery skills during and after times of great upheaval; war, poverty, natural disaster and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

James has been a professional bodyworker since 2004 and he has been teaching Somatic Awareness for wellness and stress reduction, massage, movement, and meditation classes and workshops for over a decade.

He has been studying movement, the body, and mindfulness meditation for over 30 years and brings a playful and relaxed style to his teaching and private consultations, sharing information in a way that is accessible.

He also brings over 25 years of meditation practice to his wellness and stress reduction workshops.

Additionally, James has been studying and practicing Daoist Sexology and Tantra for over a decade.


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