4 Foundations of Somatic Awareness (Coming soon)

Resilience skill-building

A four-part series for accessing inner resources.


Breath work – regulating the nervous system.
Mobility training – Engaging your core, creating fluidity and grace.
Mindfulness (meditation) – revealing the subconscious.
Bodywork/Massage – experiencing connection.

Simple methods for releasing deep tension patterns in the body, creating more awareness of the body as a holistic organism. 

  • If you are tired of chronic tension and stress, have limited flexibility, low energy, lack peace of mind, or feel a general disconnection with your body.
  • If you want to take your practice to the next level.

You will find something to break free in these classes. Every class is stand-alone and as a series augment one another. Upon completion of this series students will understand conscious awareness, natural movement, and their interrelation with the breath and energetic flow in the body.

Anatomy of Breath

Breath is the fundamental movement and motor of life. In this class we will learn how the body breathes, how we can consciously control and improve our breathing, and how the breath acts as the bridge between our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual selves. This class will include some basic anatomy, physical movement, and breathing exercises. We will end with a guided “Bone-breathing” session.

Stillness in All Things

Learn to reduce stress and develop a deep self-awareness using a variety of mindfulness meditation techniques, in movement and stillness, all combined with breath. Through meditation practice we learn how to observe the sensations in the body. The simple act of observation will reveal immediate and long held tension patterns in the body, giving us the possibility of reducing or eliminating them, returning to a state of self-trust and resilience.
These simple and effective techniques are useful at home or at work in everyday situations.
Joyful Body
Re-establish and deepen a harmonious connection to your body and life through play and movement. Movement starts at our core; it comes from the center of our bodies. We will learn where the movement originates, the intricacies of the movement, its benefits, and how it is guided by the breath. In this one-hour class we will explore the sensate body, focusing on deep core awareness. Working with an exciting combination of yoga asanas, locomotion and mobility, resistance stretching, and breath, we will explore how to integrate our physical and energetic connections to gravity, the earth and to each other, so we can live an emergent, evolving life.
Healing Touch
During this hour we will be using the skills learned in the previous three classes, plus self-massage techniques to continue creating body awareness through conscious, loving touch. Using balls and leverage, we will be able to access key areas to open joints, reduce soreness and prevent injury. Having a chair available for this class will be helpful but not necessary.

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